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We build and develop residential buldings, commercial structuress and community service properties, as well as logistics and industrial facilities – always with a strong focus on sustainability.


Within Residential, we build apartment buildings for private and municipal clients. We also construct and develop rental apartments and tenant-owned apartments.


The Commercial business area primarily builds retail properties, offices and community service properties as preschools, schools and elderly care homes.

Logistics and industry

Operations within the Logistics and Industry segment are conducted in the group company Logistic Contractor, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company specializes in developing and building large logistics and industrial facilities designed for rational handling and large-scale operations in logistics and light manufacturing.

A broad market

Our operations are conducted with a local presence over large parts of Sweden and via the group company Logistic Contractor also in Denmark, Norway and Finland. Our primary markets are the western parts of Sweden, Skåne, Stockholm/Mälardalen and the Norrland coast – expansive regions where we see continued strong growth both for ourselves and for the construction industry as a whole.

Construction and project development

Within each business area, we work with both construction and project development. Within the contracting business, we take total responsibility for the entire construction process. The contracting business’s close collaboration with the project development organization means that the group has competence within the entire chain from acquisition via development, construction and sales to the completed building being handed over. By conducting both contracting activities and project development in symbiosis, we create synergies which generate value for our customers, partners and shareholders.