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Dividend and dividend policy

From Wästbygg Group’s dividend policy, it appears that the company must strive for a good dividend yield for the company’s owners and at the same time give Wästbygg Group the conditions to invest in the business and thereby create future growth while maintaining financial stability. The dividend must be adjusted to the profit level, financial position and other factors the board of directors deems relevant. The company’s dividend policy states that 40 percent of the company’s profit after tax must be distributed to the owners over time.

The Annual General Meeting 2023 resolved on a dividend of SEK 1.65 per share with a record date of May 8, 2023. The dividend corresponds to approximately 40.1 percent of Wästbygg Gruppen’s profit after tax for the financial year 2022.

Through the written procedure conducted in relation to the company’s bondholders in August 2023, the company undertook not to distribute any dividends to shareholders for the remaining term of the green bond, which matures in November 2024. Consequently, the board proposes that the Annual General Meeting votes in favor of no dividend being distributed in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting 2024.

Historic dividends:

2022 2021 2020
Dividend, SEK 1.65 3.50 3.30
Dividend of net profit, %* 40.1 38.8 39.8
Share price at end of year, SEK 44.95 105.80 98.45
Direct return, % 3.67 3.31 3.35
Profit per share, SEK 4.05 8.94 10.75
*Share of net profit based on Wästbygg Group’s segment reporting